AUDIO + VIDEO: Adekunle Gold – Kelegbe Megbe (Know Your Level) -

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AUDIO + VIDEO: Adekunle Gold – Kelegbe Megbe (Know Your Level)

Friday, 21 June 2019

The catchy lyrics in the new release by Adekunle Gold – Kelegbe Megbe (Know Your Level) will remind most of his fans why the Nigerian artist is their favourite. Just like in his previous songs, Kelegbe Megbe not only sends a message but also entertains. 

Adekunle Gold is well known not only in Nigeria but also worldwide due to his famous songs such as Call on Me, Money, and Before You Wake Up. His songs are preferred by most of his fans due to their soothing yet entertaining nature. If you have never heard of the artist's songs before, then Kelegbe Megbe is a good place to start. 

Release date: 20th June, 2019 
Format: Audio, video 
Genre: Afrobeats 
Length: 3 minutes 2 seconds 
Producer: Sess 

The song's video is not the only thing that amuses; the lyrics are well crafted, the singer well invested in them, and the melody is quite catchy.