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If you have a tip, inquiry, or a question related to comments, please contact us:  +2348181832983


We firmly believe in crediting information and licensing picture sources. We try to include both source and [via] links in every post where necessary.

We strive to come up with our own ideas, do original research and credit sources. All of our stories are original and we never cut and paste other people’s work without linking and block quoting it.

There are several blogs that post our articles and photos without crediting or sourcing us. This is usually obvious, but we have also found sites that have used whole sentences and ideas without crediting. If someone else gives us an idea we try to mention the site, commenter or gossip mag by name.

Here are some of the sites we visit for news and photos.

- Instagram
- Twitter
- Facebook

News Sources
- Linda Ikeji's Blog
- Bella Naija
Xtreme Naija

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